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About Us

In Nepal, E- commerce business has evolved over past few years and since its easier and more convenient that customers are also switching rapidly to the trend of online habitual. Due to busy life schedule, stepping door to door hindrances and obstaclespeoples prefers to choose for online shopping through best and easiest way. Dealer Nepal is known as the Nepali Online Shopping store established with the specific purpose and concept to introduce a product from production to final customers through our umbrella services.You can enjoy by shopping throughour Dealer Nepalwith the product you need. Dealer Nepal has ultimate product variety categories to fulfil all the needs. Dealer Nepal works with the aim of supply chain with its distribution networks.

Dealer Nepal can be defined are as follow:

A. What is Dealer Nepal?

1. Dealer Nepal is an online store, shutter, shop, space available free of cost through online.

2. Dealer Nepal is an online application that delivers your product from dealer to customer.

3. In simple word, Dealer Nepal is an online wholesale market.

B. What services are available at Dealer Nepal?

1 Daily Usable items from the human life and work, including all necessary service item are available here.

C. How can dealers keep their products in Dealer Nepal?

1. What kind of goods do you want to keep in Dealer Nepal? Identify and accordingly the airline, the account can be prepared and kept the same as per the operation system. This can be done with the help of relevant employees of the company for the suppliers.

D. There are two types of vendor rules:

1. Production/Dealer to Dealer Nepal to customer.

2. Production to customers.